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offers educational programs based on wolves, taking into consideration the age of the visitors in your group.

Off-site Programs:
We will come to your school, church, etc., and give a slide and videotape presentation. Our programs provide an introduction to the wolf, basic wolf ecology and behavior; pack structure and we discuss the reasons that wolves were placed on the endangered species list as well as the results of that listing. We will also discuss wolf reintroduction. Please schedule us two weeks in advance. We do not charge a fee for our off-site programs but a donation made payable to Wolf Timbers is suggested as a means to offer future fee-free programs. Please let us know if there is a particular subject that you would like us to present. At the present time, we do not bring the wolves to you. We will base the length of our program on what you desire.

On-site Programs:
On-site programs (presented at Wolf Timbers) are also tailored to meet your specific needs. We also require two weeks notice to prepare for your group. On-site programs involve observing the wolves while listening to our volunteers provide factual, non-biased information to you. Usually our on-site programs last from one to two hours. Please see "Visiting Wolf Timbers" for additional information on your visit.



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