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Memberships to Wolf Timbers provide us with the financial means to care for the wolves as well as to provide the revenue to conduct educational programs to realize our mission - which is to dispel the current myths and misconceptions about wolves that have been handed down from one generation to the next.

All memberships are considered non-voting and hold no authority over day-to-day operations. A membership entitles one to special price reductions and first notice of upcoming lectures and seminars. Please consult the specific membership plan for further benefits. All memberships and programs run for one year and need to be renewed. Memberships to Wolf Timbers are tax deductible. It is the responsibility of the individual to notify us of an address change. All donations are tax-deductible.


A single membership entitles one to our quarterly newsletter as well as free admittance to Wolf Timbers. Single memberships cost $ 20.00.


A family membership entitles the immediate family to the quarterly newsletter, and free admittance to Wolf Timbers. Family memberships cost $ 35.00.


Adopt-a-wolf programs entitle one to a picture of you and the wolf you sponsor. Adopt-a-wolf programs also offer a one year membership to Wolf Timbers, our newsletter, a sample of underfur from the wolf you sponsor (you must be at least 18 to have your picture taken with the wolf you sponsor in most circumstances – please contact Wolf Timbers for additional information). We will make every attempt to have your picture taken with the wolf you sponsor. However, sometimes a particular wolf is having an off day, in that event, another wolf will be used as a proxy or you may elect to come back at a later date to try again. You will also receive updates throughout the year on the wolf you sponsor as well as a sample of underfur. Adopt-a-wolf programs cost $125.00. Please see our adopt-a-wolf policy.


Wolf Timbers also accepts donations in the form of money and various other materials and equipment. If you donate $ 50.00 or more (excluding memberships, unless otherwise noted), we will put your name or your corporations name on a plaque and attach this to the fence.
  1. Payment Method

    At the present time, we can only accept checks. Please make your check out to WOLF TIMBERS and denote in the MEMO or FOR section on the check, which wolf you are sponsoring.

  2. Sponsorships are for one year. We use the date that the check clears as the beginning date. If you move, please notify us so that we may update our records.

  3. Unless other arrangements have been made in advance, only those 18 and older may have their picture taken with the sponsored wolf.

  4. Sponsors may visit any time during our regular open hours. However, sponsors wishing to meet their sponsored wolf must schedule an appointment two weeks in advance. We will make every attempt to have your picture taken with the wolf you sponsor but at times, a particular wolf may be having an off day and another wolf may be used as a proxy. If you do not wish to use another wolf as a proxy, you may schedule another appointment in an attempt to meet your sponsored wolf on a better day.

  5. Unless you schedule a visit with us, we will mail all sponsorship packets to you. We are unable to divide the sponsorship packets into equal parts. Therefore, if there are more than one person contributing to the sponsorship we will mail all sponsorship packets to the person listed on the check. Sponsorships cannot be divided into parts or transferred.

  6. As a sponsor of a particular wolf, you are entitled to:
    1. A photograph of the wolf you sponsor,
    2. A sample of underfur from the wolf you sponsor (collected in the spring),
    3. Profiles of the wolf you sponsor as well as update on the wolf you sponsor. We will mail these to you throughout the year,
    4. A packet of educational information on wolves,
    5. A certificate of appreciation,
    6. Your membership card,
    7. All sponsors entering the enclosure must sign a waiver and release of liability form
    8. Other restrictions may apply – please consult Wolf Timbers.

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